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Helps companies achieve their maximum efficiency through Digital Transformation!

Become a distributor of innovative solutions for businesses.

A new business

Income based on commission from confirmed sale or implementation.

Cross Selling

Possibility to complement our applications with your existing services.

Differentiation from the competition

Support your operations with applications that make a difference, generating a distinguished service offer.

Customer loyalty

Do not only offer a service to your clients, but also powerful tools that provide them with the best user experience.

Increased customer acquisition

By automating operational tasks, you will have the capacity to attract new customers, increasing your sales.

As a Sales Representative, Implementer, or both, you will be able to accompany companies in their Digital Transformation processes, helping them manage through data, and automate manual operational tasks, leading them to maximum efficiency.

Do you already know our applications?

IDB LENS. Control de Gestión, cuando y donde quieras

IDB Lens is a reporting solution created to know the real economic and financial scenario of the company instantly and with reliable data, day by day.

Through Data Science and Business Intelligence, it allows making more precise decisions oriented to achieve better results, being able to make an accurate projection of the business without investing hours and efforts in the task of creating reports.

IDB GLIDER Gestión automatizada de recibos.

IDB Glider is a solution created to automate the circuit of reception, classification, approval, and loading of invoices, attending to the communication needs with suppliers, simplifying and streamlining their management.

Through Artificial Intelligence, it scans and loads invoices into your ERP system without human intervention, reducing the hours invested in this task and allowing you to focus on analysis and supplier management.

Upcoming release: Application with Predictive Model for Debt Collection.

How to start this journey?

Complete the Contact Form to schedule a meeting in which we can discuss the Partnering proposal in more depth and you can learn how we can grow together.

We can schedule a second meeting in which we present the products with your entire technical and managerial team, where we will address technical questions about the product and its integration with your ERP.

You will learn about our special proposal for partners and the different associated levels according to the commitment and applications involved, and the formal agreement will be defined.

We start working together to grow your operations through these innovative applications, and on a path of feedback and mutual development to continue growing!

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