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The Automation Tool that your Administrative Area needs

With IDB Glider, we automate the administrative process of receiving, approving and uploading invoices to your ERP using Artificial Intelligence, giving your company a powerful tool to reduce its operational hours and focus on analytical tasks aimed at adding more value.

Do you want to start automating your administrative processes and focus on generating value?

A digital tool designed to enhance and optimize your administration.


Standardized and digitized processes within the tool, with multiple paths to quickly and easily reflect your current operations in an application.
Obtaining key indicators of the area, such as processing times of invoices and status of pending items, in a single view, with 24/7 access.
Optimized communication with suppliers to eliminate time and effort wasted on back-and-forth emails and calls.
Access to best practices directly from business specialists, to support and advise you on how to organize and improve your administration.

Too good to be true? Schedule a meeting to learn more about us and discover how we can help you.

Easy and intuitive

The best UX experience you could imagine with data from your business.


Multiple instances of communication with suppliers so they can be informed about the status of their invoices.

The best price

Access to high-quality service at a collaborative economy price, with low maintenance costs.


Consolidated management

We allow you to manage invoices from multiple companies and currencies in a single account


All our applications work with the highest cybersecurity standards to protect your information

Some of our clients


Certify your ERP software with our applications. An opportunity to enhance your business with innovative products, maximizing your customer portfolio’s profitability.


Provide your Financial Consulting and/or Accounting Advisory services to our clients, using tools that automate your daily operational tasks.


Incorporate our tools into your portfolio of products and services, managing the sales cycle and/or their implementation, expanding your business or your freelance services.

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