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We connect our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence-based applications to your ERP to automate your Administrative Area, allowing you to focus your time and energy on analysis and management instead of operational tasks.

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Our applications

IDB LENS. Control de Gestión, cuando y donde quieras

IDB Lens is a reporting solution created to know the real economic and financial scenario of the company instantly and with reliable data, day by day.

Through Data Science and Business Intelligence, it allows making more precise decisions oriented to achieve better results, being able to make an accurate projection of the business without investing hours and efforts in the task of creating reports.

IDB GLIDER Gestión automatizada de recibos.

IDB Glider is a solution created to automate the circuit of reception, classification, approval, and loading of invoices, attending to the communication needs with suppliers, simplifying and streamlining their management.

Through Artificial Intelligence, it scans and loads invoices into your ERP system without human intervention, reducing the hours invested in this task and allowing you to focus on analysis and supplier management.

Upcoming release: Application with Predictive Model for Debt Collection.

Contact us to advise you on which solution is best for your business and accompany you in its implementation, as well as to address all your questions in a short video call.

Some of the clients who choose us


Digital Management

Reliable data to make accurate decisions and achieve better results.

We keep innovating

We are constantly growing and adding new features.

The highest technology

Solutions based on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence.

We are always by your side

We provide permanent consulting and advisory services, we are with the team at every stage of management.

Protection and security

We are experts in safeguarding the value of companies' data. Our solution is 100% cloud-based, ensuring the highest level of security and protection for your data.

Flexible management

Simple management, easy and fast access. Compatible with all SMEs.

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Certify your ERP software with our applications. An opportunity to enhance your business with innovative products, maximizing your customer portfolio’s profitability.


Provide your Financial Consulting and/or Accounting Advisory services to our clients, using tools that automate your daily operational tasks.


Incorporate our tools into your portfolio of products and services, managing the sales cycle and/or their implementation, expanding your business or your freelance services.

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IDB Glider

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