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At IDB Lens, you will have all the reports you need to manage your business in one place, with automatic updates directly from your ERP and 24/7 access.

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Do you want to have clear information about your company and its status?

A report for every business management question you have

How much is my company earning or losing?


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Who are my most profitable customers?

Top 10 Customers

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Where is my money?

Is my business sustainable?

Balance Sheet

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What is the current status of my company?

What is the value of my company?

What are my financial and investment results?

How much do I owe/ am I owed?

Aging of Accounts Receivable/Payable

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How profitable is each Business Unit?

Hierarchical Analysis

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In an increasingly complex and uncertain micro and macroeconomic environment, InDataBiz is your best ally.


You will have a unified view of your entire business in one place, with filters by Business Unit, Service or Product Line, Cost Centers, etc.

No more hours spent on reporting: Finance and movements in real-time, updating directly from your databases.

Access to best practices directly from business specialists, to accompany and advise you on how to organize and improve your management.

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We help you build a solid foundation of reliable data to make decisions.

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We allow you to consolidate multiple companies, currencies and indicators in a single application.


All our applications work with the highest cybersecurity standards to protect your information.

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If you have an ERP software company and want to integrate it with our applications to enhance your business and gain additional benefits such as cross-selling, incremental revenues, and many more, please visit our special proposal for partners.


If you provide Financial Consulting, Accounting Advice, and/or ERP Implementation services, we have the ideal tools to help you reduce your operational burden of reporting and process analysis, allowing you to dedicate your time and effort to analytical tasks and customer management, adding more value to your business.

P&L y P&L vs. Budget

The “Profit and Loss” report is a report that summarizes the income, costs, and expenses of a company in a given period. It is one of the 3 reports that every company must have, along with the Cash Flow and Balance, to know its financial health. With it, EBITDA, Operating Results, relationships between Expenses and Income, etc. are measured. In addition, the “P&L vs. Budget” report allows comparing the actual performance of the company versus the projected one and can do so by comparing both specific periods and accumulated (YTD – “Year To Date”) or (EOP – “End Of Period”).Además, el reporte “P&L vs. Budget” permite comparar la performance real de la compañía versus la proyectada, y lo puede hacer comparando tanto periodos específicos como acumulados (YTD – “Year To Date”) o (EOP – “End Of Period”).

Top 10 Customers and General Ranking


The Balance Sheet is a tool to understand the financial health of your business, and one of the three essential reports your company must have, along with the Cash Flow and the P&L. This report provides a complete view of the Assets (economic resources) and Liabilities (the obligations incurred) of your company at a specific point in time. This report is essential for evaluating the financial solvency of your company and its ability to meet its short-term and long-term obligations.

It allows investors, creditors, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about their investment or credit, and thus ensure the success of your business.

Customizable Dashboards


Based on the EBITDA obtained in the P&L and with industry-specific multiples, you can obtain the value of your company updated to the last date.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is a key indicator for evaluating a company’s financial situation. Starting from EBITDA, it allows you to know the cash flows in the areas of operations, investments, and financing. This allows for a deep analysis of economic activities and their impact on the company’s financial health. That is why Cash Flow is an essential report for decision-making and company management, along with P&L and Balance.

Aging of Debt for Customers and Suppliers

Hierarchical Analysis