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Anniversary of Alliance with Lagom Asesores!

Last month we celebrated ONE YEAR OF ALLIANCE between Lagom Asesores and InDataBiz 🚀

An alliance that began with 2 entrepreneurs, Gabriel Puig and Jonhatan Lacuesta, who met through the Vistage Organization, being members of Vistage Argentina and Vistage Uruguay respectively 🌐

Through the exchange in these events, they realized that THEY SHARED A VISION, that they had A COMMON MISSION 🎯:

“Helping other entrepreneurs to MAKE CONSCIOUS DECISIONS, recognizing their companies through data 📊. And achieving this by understanding the core processes of the business, achieving financial and economic efficiency, as well as operational efficiency.”

From that simple exchange, a proposal, an initiative was born. The rest was mutual support, perseverance, and proactivity. 💪

And the results were not long in coming:

🌱 +10 INSTALLED LICENSES Each license is a new chapter in our joint history, one step closer to digital transformation. Thanks to each of our clients for trusting us to be part of their journey.

💡 100% HOMOLOGATION WITH ZETASOFTWARE This is not just a technical homologation; it is the merger of visions and capabilities. Together, we are setting NEW STANDARDS in the world of management reporting.

🔗 +3 TECHNICAL HOMOLOGATIONS WITH NEW ERP IN PROGRESS We are expanding our universe of possibilities. New alliances are on the horizon, and we are eager to share the news with all of you soon.

🤝 STRATEGIC ALLIANCES WITH ERP IMPLEMENTERS We cannot emphasize it enough: More than partners, they are value co-creators. Together, we are building the future of ERP and financial and economic reporting.

🛠 CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS IN APPLICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL We listen, we learn, we improve. Our constant updates are a reflection of an unwavering commitment to quality.

👥 GROWING ADVISOR COMMUNITY It’s not a network, it’s a true Community. Join and be part of the next wave of leading consultants in SME financial management (+info on our website).

🌟 One year. Countless achievements. And we’re just getting started. 🌟

May this story be a SMALL MOTIVATION AND INVITATION to build healthy business relationships. 🚀

To open up to exchange and mutual enrichment. 🤝

Because true growth comes from alliances where each one adds value in their specialty, and their weaknesses are complemented by the specialties of allies 🌟

The journey continues! If you want to join the InDataBiz Community, whether as an Implementer, Advisor, Client, ERP Manufacturer, or Distributor, contact us through our website www.indatabiz.com! 🌐

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